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Ground Anchors to secure sheds, field shelters, garden swings, horse jumps and many many other things, directly to the ground without needing concrete.

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We have 4 types of anchors and they are available in 4 different diameters
. They will penetrate almost all ground conditions, hard or soft, and are fitted by simply sledge hammering them straight in. All the anchors must be prevented from rotating to get the full pullout values, with the standard Erdanker range, this is done by hammering the anchor in then using a rigid bracket or spacer between the anchor and the structure. With the JF and low profile safety range, rotation is prevented by the slot in the bracket. With the Sherman anchors, rotation is prevented by the chain attached to it.

This is how Erdanker anchors work

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Standard Erdanker ground anchor. Widely used for securing allotment sheds, small greenhouses, garden benches, outdoor sculptures, potting sheds etc.

Erdanker JF range have a flange on the top and have many applications, particularly for temporary situations, display stands, parking signs, fixing down event signs etc.

Anti-theft anchors are for security and act as quick and simple chaining points, ideal for motorcycles, securing light farm and garden equipment

Low Profile Safety anchors are specifically designed for use near large animals, cattle, horses etc. and are the anchor of choice for securing cross country horse jumps both in the UK and EU, they are also widely used to hold down field shelters.